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Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

FX Comm Solutions collaborate with Infratech Solution Pte. Ltd. and international solution partner, to bring solution to protect infrastructure and assets using smartwall perimeter intrusion prevention and security system (pips). the biggest advantage of using smartwall perimeter intrusion prevention and security system (pips), is to detect intrusion even before the intruder touches the fence. in addition, various deployment sites are possible such as fence mount, wall mount, natural terrain, below ground or even tunnel.


Smart Cable
Sub-station Controller


Smart Cable

  • ≤ 17mm (diameter) of cable size
  • DC 24W Power Supply
  • ≤ 15W/cable of power consumption
  • -40°C to 80°C Environment Temperature
  • 40cm Max Bend Radius
  • 350N Max Tension
  • 0.1-50m/s (0.36Km/h ~ 180Km/h) Target Object Max Speed Visible
  • 22Kg/cable Weight
  • 63m Length per drum
  • 3m Max Spacing between chips in cable
  • 2400MHz to 2483MHz Working Frequency
  • 1m to 5m of Location Precision
  • -22.5dBm  to 4.5dBm of Transmission Power

Sub-Station Controller

  • Interface : 4 x Smartcable; 1 x fiber length interface; 1 x USB2.0
  • AC 220V Power Supply
  • ≤ 6W Power Consumption
  • IP65 Protection
  • 455mm x 384mm x 116mm Dimension
  • 17Kg Weight
  • -40°C to 85°C Environment Temperature


  • Intuition Detection and Alarm – Detects and reports on intrusions proactively and accurately. False alarms such as environment disturbances or movements of small animal will be filtered out.
Intuition Detection Alarm
Intuition Detection Alarm
  • Authorization Entry – Recognizes authorized personnel in the detection zone while recording all entries/exits.
Authorization Entry
Authorization Entry
  • Precise Location Reporting – Locates incidents within 1-meter precision while reporting multiple incidents occurring at the same time.
  • Self-calibration and Monitoring – Equipped with self-calibration capabilities and does not need seasonal or weather-related manual adjustment. Any faulty or abnormal behavior are reported for immediate action.
  • Third-Party System Integration – Can integrate with third-party systems, such as: Video Surveillence; Public Announcement System; Alarm Siren; Flood Light System; Other Protection System Mechanism
  • Flexible Zoning – Breaks monitoring region to more granular for effective monitoring. It also enables security admin to flexibly test out changes or ideas (navigated from provided software) without actual physical changes at anytime.
  • Multiple Administration Roles – Multiple administrators with different authorization levels can be assigned for different monitoring centers to manage large facilities effectively.

Installation Method

Installation of Smartwall Perimeter Intrusion Prevention And Security System (PIPS)
Installation of Smartwall Perimeter Intrusion Prevention And Security System (PIPS)